WP XperVideo – Cracked Wide Open: WP Platform Builds INSTANT Video Sites

Let’s agree on one thing! One of the best and most powerful internet marketing system is video marketing. Videos convert better than anything else, getting you more traffic and affiliate sales. But, the problem is that so far building a video site has been so hard and time-consuming.

You will need to manually create and add videos, then add affiliate links and set up affiliate product images, then setup your autoresponder. That’s not all, you will need to figure out how to patch them all together, taking long hours to produce unique content and maintaining your pages for SEO. Because the entire process is so complex, video marketing quickly became a costly experience that’s reserved for the elites.

However, today we’re changing all that from the ground up by offering a cost-effective solution with no limitations and even more features. Above all, the solution is very easy to use. It literally sets up a full video site for you in as little as 60 seconds. It then drives traffic and generates email subscribers and sales all on autopilot… introducing XperVideo, our premium WordPress plugin.

It can instantly create a mobile responsive video site and with a click populate it with thousands of videos. XperVideo comes with 100% unique fully SEO-optimized content besides your videos which means your site will rank and you’ll get organic traffic. Even better yet, with our groundbreaking video curation module built straight into our web platform, you’ll never have to create a video yourself! Plus you can lock each video and force your visitors to sign up to your list, click on your ads, share your site on social media, or even buy your affiliate products before they can see your video. This means you’re able to get traffic, build your list, and make sales, all on autopilot… all going organically.

So, how does it work?

All you have to do to get started is to upload the plug-in to your site and insert your keywords to curate as many videos as you’d like. Adding them is as easy as clicking a couple of checkboxes – it’s all done for you within seconds and they are added instantly to your site in crisp high-definition quality. Next up you want to make sure you’re monetizing them. You can lock these videos by forcing your visitors to perform certain actions before they can view them. For instance, you can ask your visitors to subscribe to a magazine or you can ask them to share on Facebook or Twitter. You can also ask them to click on an ad. You can even add Amazon affiliate products automatically below the videos and it will have your affiliate ID built-in so you can make commission’s on autopilot.

Finally you get SEO traffic and organic ranking because it’s 100% unique content SEO optimized created for you. Seriously, having to do all of this manually is expensive time consuming and, put frankly, becomes irritating especially once you build more than one site. XperVideo does it all for you in a simple way that works. It brings you traffic… it makes you sales… it builds your list… and, it looks awesome while doing so! How cool is that?

As you can see with XperVideo, you too can build a video marketing site within minutes with virtually no technical know-how and negligible effort. It will curate content and expand each day with SEO built-in. Your traffic comes fast and thus your email subscriptions and sales. And because it’s mobile optimized, it means you get mobile traffic too.

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