Automate Building an Authority Niche Website In Less Than One Hour?

WordPress is a very great platform to build your website on. But, to the layman and small businesses it can become a daunting experience. Obviously, you will need some knowledge on how to set it up and look around for reasonable plugins with reasonable prices to give your site the basic functionality. Let alone the learning curve you will live through for each and every plugin you decide to install and use. Not only that, but you will be spending hours upon hours painstakingly writing blog posts after blog posts with absolutely no guarantee that they will ever generate any traffic. Summing up, you might have been facing one or more of these issues:

  • You do not know how to tweak your WordPress site to give it a professional look
  • Out of the hundreds of thousands of plugins out there, you don’t know what combination you should have to serve your purpose
  • You do not have the budget for purchasing plugins that will give your site a decent look and functionality
  • You do not have the time to test and/or get trained on using each and every plugin you install
  • Writing blog posts after blog posts, finding good content, and spending time on formatting them is a nightmare
  • SEO optimization seems to be a complex business

Can This Be Automated?

Do not give up yet! You need to have the patience and will to get your business running. The good news is that technology has advanced well and a few WordPress plugins and themes are out there which need minimal intervention on your part, but gets your site up in almost no time; I am not talking about days, but hours (even minutes if we take away your quality checks and tests to ensure everything is OK)! When I say technology has advanced, I literally mean that not only they will set for you the look and feel of your site, but will also fill it with content! Looks too good to be true? Well, bear with me until the end.

In this article I will focus on one such WordPress theme. Covert Curator is a brand-new WordPress theme that allows you to fill your blog’s with quality content in minutes and even lets you have real members building your sites for you on complete auto-pilot. The cool thing about Covert Curator is that not only will you be able to create an easy niche site with just a few clicks, but you’ll also be able to set it up in a way that allows people who find your content to create an account and then start to curate content that they enjoy – imagine something like Pinterest but a site that you control in any given niche that you want to try out.


Those real members are going to interact through comments, links, and adding content. Eventually, your site will grow as an authoritative site. Besides, the interaction will attract more people; which means one thing! You will be growing your email list. Of course, your business opportunities are wide by then as you can use email marketing to grow your business with a responsive list that are already interested in your niche and products. How do we know they are interested? Well, remember that they were interacting on your site and creating content for it.

Does it Require Any Setup?

Well, yes of course! Every WordPress theme and plugin will require installation, setup, and time to learn. I do not see this any different. While this is the case, the developers of Covert Curator ensured that the default settings that come out of the box suffice to have a niche site up and running in no time. Of course, they provide the training for tweaking the settings to your wish. But, the point is you do not have to waste time or go through the learning curve to have your site up and running and your business going on. You pick your niche, you start curating some content with a few clicks, and you’ve got all these posts that you didn’t even write!!

I urge you to watch the demo and actually see it firsthand how they do it and they will be sharing in their demo all those awesome curated posts and how your customers will be interacting.


What is the Price?

As of this writing, this piece of software is held at a very cheap early bird price of $11.60. With the license being for unlimited sites, that’s really a very good deal. In fact, the price includes a developers license! In other words, you can install this theme for your clients or you can build sites that you can sell/flip for profit. What makes this software worth trying is the fact that the seller provides a 45-day “no questions asked” refund policy.

The seller does take you, though, into up-sells/upgrades for some more, yet still cheap, charges. Do you need these? Well, you don’t have to, but it all boils down to whether it will benefit you or not. The up-sells are also covered by the same refund policy. So, nothing to worry about!

But I have to open your eyes on one thing. The product is on a dimes sale. This means that it is going to go up gradually over time from 17 to 27 dollars. So I recommend you to try it now while it is still at the special launch discount. By the way, this early bird launch price will be closing SOON within a week’s time or so from now.


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